Digital Governance: 10 reasons for you to enter this wave!

Márcio Braz

June 06, 2017 - Tuesday at 10:00 AM

Imagem do palestrante Marcio Braz

Have you interacted with your government today? Society has already changed! Habits, interactions, and business migrated to digital media. However, many corporations, especially large ones, have had difficulty adapting to the speed of these changes. It has not been different with governments around the world. The recent popular movements in Brazil - catalysed by social networks - demonstrates the emergence of a new democratic wave: a connected citizen who presses for governments and organizations more transparent, open, and connected with the voice that echoes in digital streets.


Márcio Braz (@AudMarcioBraz) is a federal auditor for external control at TCU since 2008, where he currently heads the IT supervision unit at the federal level. Bachelor and Master in Informatics from Federal University of Paraná (UFPR), is certified in system audit (CISA) by ISACA. He is author of the book IT Audit: The Survival Guide (in Portuguese, Auditoria de TI: O Guia de Sobrevivência) and one of the authors of Handbook on IT Audit da Intosai. Speaker of national congresses and events on control, governance, and information security. In 2017, he founded with other specialists the site República.Digital.