Innovation and Startups- A View from Silicon Valley - California

Guilherme Bastos

June 07, 2017 - Wednesday at 10:00 AM

Imagem do palestrante Guilherme Bastos

The main focus is innovation and value generation from startups involved with software and information systems. Some of the main points to be addressed are questions related to failure and success of software and systems startups, startup approaches differentiated in Brazil and the world, the roles of investors, entrepreneurs, and universities, and innovation and quality of life, applications of technologies. Finally, we have information on a synthesis of the experience lived by the speaker in Silicon Valley - California - USA.


Guilherme B. Alvarenga is CEO and co-founder of Behive, Inc., San Francisco, California, USA. Guilherme is an entrepreneur and executive of international success, with recognized recognition in Artificial Intelligence and Optimization for the mining software industry. He was founder and CEO of Devex (1997), a leading company in fleet optimization for the mining industry, acquired by Hexagon AB in 2013. Soon after the acquisition of Devex, he was appointed with President and CEO of Hexagon Mining, a consolidation of 4 companies Mining software: Devex (Brazil), Mintec, Inc. (US), Leica Geosystems Mining (Australia) and Safemine Ltd. (Switzerland). In the academic area, Guilherme has also made a valuable contribution, with several international papers of relevance and hundreds of citations to his doctoral work (DCC/UFMG 2005), improving the solution to optimization problems in transportation and logistics.