FESI - IV Forum on Education in Information Systems

The Forum on Education in Information Systems (FESI) aims at providing a discussion about undergraduate and post-graduate degrees in Information Systems (IS) in Brazil. The FESI is co-located with SBSI when relevant issues about IS degree must be discussed by the IS brazilian community.

In 2013, 2014, and 2016 FESI promoted discussions about the review and update of the Brazilian Computer Society (SBC) reference curricula , in order to be in accordance to the National Curricula Guidelines (DCNs) for undergraduate courses in the Computer Science area, authorized by the National Council on Education. Members of the IS community have continuously followed up this and other discussions about the subject.

The SBC Education Committee set the goal to conclude the review of the Reference Curricula for undergraduate degrees in the Computer Science area considering the National Curricula Guidelines until July 2017, during the National Congress of SBC. The expectation is that this review be performed in a participatory fashion with the specific communities related to each course.

The IV FESI is an initiative of the SBC Education Committee and of the Special Committee on IS with the purpose of contributing to this discussion. The forum congregates IS course coordinators, professors and students to discuss and elaborate the reference curricula for the Brazilian IS undergraduate courses, to be sealed by SBC.

We invite all IS course coordinators, professors or students to attend the IV FESI in order to contribute to the discussions for the reference curricula elaboration. You will be contributing to the definition of the IS education strategies in Brazil.

Details about the forum program will be available soon.

Organizing Committee

Alessandro Cerqueira (UNIGRANRIO)
Alexandre Cidral (UNIVILLE)
Ana Paula Melchiori (UFLA)
Renata Araujo (UNIRIO)
Vinicius Patto (UFG)